How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Front or Rear Bumper?

While driving it’s very common that you may hit any object. Then both front and rear bumpers play a vital role. They absorb all the hits and protect the car from serious damage. Each of them has a practical purpose.

A bumper’s purpose is to protect the rest of the vehicle from serious damage as a result of minor collisions or major collisions. So bumpers have a great responsibility. To give overall safety to the car, bumpers commonly suffer damage.

Sometimes mechanics can’t repair these kinds of damages. For this, we have to replace the bumper as early as possible. In this article, we will discuss the cost to replace a front or rear bumper.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Front and Rear Bumper
How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Front and Rear Bumper

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Front or Rear Bumper in 2024?

In 2024, a bumper replacement typically costs between $800 and $2,000. If you hire a professional, the average labor cost is $48 to $215 per hour.

When you want to replace the bumper you have to buy a new one for the replacement. It is estimated that a new bumper will cost between $300 and 750 for a small truck or car.

When you buy a new number that needs some painting so that it may match your car and install it properly. The average cost for painting and installation of a new bumper is usually $200 to 600 if you go to any auto shop.

You can the dimension of the cost of the bumper. If you go for SUVs and luxury vehicle bumpers they will be more expensive. The actual price can go up to $5,000.

Bumper Replacement Cost Summary

We try to provide a cost summary of replacing the bumper so it can save you time. Here is the breakdown:

New Bumper Cost$300-$750
Front Bumper Cost$500-$1,500
Rear Bumper Cost$750-$2,000
Labor Charge$48-$215 (per hour)
Average Bumper Replacement$800-$2,000

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Front Bumper?

There are so many things related to the cost. The machinic or auto body has no difference in their pricing. But if you purchase a new bumper then you have to pay extra for the paint job and installation cost.

On average you have to pay anywhere near $500 to $1,500 to replace a front bumper, depending on the size and model of your vehicle. You can expect to pay up to $5,000 or more for repairs and replacements that require extensive work.

By purchasing painted car parts, you can skip the body shop. And hire a professional to finish the job. In most cases, this involves the price of the parts as well as the costs of labor and painting in the body shop.

Here you can find all the details about how you paint the bumper and the associated costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Rear Bumper?

Generally, most people think they can finish the job for between $225 and $750. You will probably have to spend $2,000 to replace the rear bumper.

It depends on what kind of car you own and how badly damaged your rear bumper is. If

Cost Summary of Replacing a Bumper for Different Car Models

We try to provide a list of cost summaries for different cars’ bumper replacements. Here’s the exact cost table for bumper replacement of different car models:

Cars ModelPrice Range
Ford F-Series$850-$1,400
Chevrolet Silverado$900-$1,600
Ford Focus$900-$1,400
Toyota Camry$900-$1,700
Toyota Corolla$900-$1,600
Nissan Altima$800-$1,300
Honda CR-V$900-$1,650
Honda Civic$900-$1,600
Ford Fusion$900-$1,500
Honda Accord$900-$1,700

Major Factors of Bumper Replacement Costs in 2024

A vehicle’s bumper replacement cost will depend on mainly four factors. Here they are:

  • The vehicle’s age.
  • It’s a model and makes.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or Aftermarket bumper.
  • Labor Cost.

Labor Cost

Dealership and auto body repair shops charge different labor rates across the country. AAA suggests all the repair shops in their network charge between $48 and $215 per hour.

Labor rates vary from city to city. There are several reasons for this. Technician certification levels and skill levels vary their cost; a highly professional will not take a small amount of money.

Service costs vary by make and model of the vehicle (luxury vehicles are more expensive). Depending on whether it’s a dealership or an independent shop.

And last, how does the business serves their customer, and what benefit will after taking the service? It means the overall business facility to the customer. Business and facility overhead.

Can You Fix Your Own Front Bumper? DIY Cost

As long as there is no extensive damage to the bumper, a front bumper replacement is probably a DIY project you can handle if you have experience with basic auto repairs. Replacing a bumper is very easy if we compare it to replacing a gas gauge or replacing a tail light.

It may also save you a great deal of money on labor. It will take 3 to 4 hours to complete the task. If you want to do it by yourself then you need some basic tools to complete this project.

Here are the recommended tools:

  • A heat gun, a hairdryer, and some tape. It is possible that a heat gun will be necessary even though using a hairdryer is safer.
  • Jack stands and jacks will also be needed.
  • You can use a spry bar or crowbar, or plunger.
  • Put on safety glasses.

NOTE: Do not replace the bumper at home if you don’t have the proper tools, knowledge, or experience.

How to Save Money on Bumper Replacement in 2024

There are several ways to save money on bumper replacement. Considering an aftermarket bumper may be a better option than an OEM bumper in the event you need a new bumper.

It is possible that these are cheaper and you can get them at an affordable price, but the grade of the bumper may be lower. There are also shops that can give you an estimate.

Although it is tempting to pick the lowest price, keep in mind that the lowest price does not always equal the best service. Last you can go for DIY. It will save your labor cost which is a minimum of $500.

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When Should You Have Your Bumper Replaced?

Throughout your vehicle’s life, its bumper will experience wear and tear. Driving your car every day can cause dents, cracks, scrapes, dings, and scuffs on your bumper.

Bumper damage might also occur if you park on a street in an urban area. It will also rust and corrode. You can make sure you won’t need to get your bumper repaired or replaced if you maintain it routinely.

Alternatively, the bumper may be coming off if you see deep cracks, holes, or punctures on your vehicle. Sometimes you can fix the issues by painting your bumper cover.

Top Reasons to Replace A Car Bumper in 2024

People get always confused when they really change their bumper. There are some serious types of damage that need a replacement.

There are the following types of damage:

  1. Major or deep scratch or dent.
  2. Damage to the car’s frame.
  3. Holes or cracks in the bumper.
  4. Repairs are more expensive than replacements.

People often try to cut costs. So people choose to repair instead of replace. Repair doesn’t give your car 100 percent safety. A new bumper will give full safety to you and your car. It also increases your car’s looks and appearance.

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The Benefits of Bumper Replacement

A bumper provides protection to cars in case of a slow-speed accident, in addition to making them look good. Cars get scratches, dents, and corrosion every day because they are used every day.

Corrosion damages bumpers and makes them look ugly.

AutoMarket Fact, 2022

If you decide to sell your car at some point, the smooth aerodynamic look of your car will make it fetch a higher price if you replace the bumpers. It will also make sure it is in the best possible condition to protect you and your car in an accident.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Replace Your Car Bumper in 2024

To replace a bumper you don’t need specialized tools. You need the basic tools that we mentioned earlier and follow these steps to complete the project. Here are the steps:

  • Examine your bumper to determine if it needs to be repaired.
  • Remove the wires from the turn signals and fog lamps attached to the front bumper.
  • Jack up the bumper. Use a penetrant to coat the mounting bolts. Take off the mounting bolts.
  • Take care when lowering the bumper.
  • Detach all bumper components. 
  • Verify that the new bumper is the correct replacement part by comparing it to the old bumper.
  • Mount the removed parts on the new bumper.
  • Assemble the new front bumper and align it with the vehicle’s front wheel wells, then tighten the bolts to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • You may need to reconnect the turn signals and fog lights if applicable. Check the new bumper for the proper alignment.

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Does Insurance Cover Bumper Damage?

Replacement of your bumper happens in most cases because of an accident, whether it’s your fault or another’s. Don’t hesitate to seek compensation from the other party, if you were not at fault for the accident.

It is typical for insurance companies to pay for all repairs without any cost to you or any other drawback. In many cases, the company will also guarantee the repairs

Vehicle owners may not claim their bumper repair on insurance if the cost is similar to their deductible. When replacing a bumper and possibly the foam behind it, you should just pay for them out of pocket.

It may make sense to seek assistance from your insurance provider if you need substantial repairs, such as structural or mechanical damage.

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Why is Bumper Repair and Replacement Expensive?

People always think that repairing or replacing bumpers is expensive. They don’t try to find out those reasons. There are several reasons for this. A major reason is the damage type.

Body shops will charge you based on the kind of damage you have. Auto technician costs are also involved. Depending on whether you are repairing or replacing your bumper, your final cost will reflect the labor involved.

Next, let’s consider the type of vehicle. Luxury vehicles have greater parts costs than commuter vehicles. A brand-new bumper will be more expensive if it has to be ordered from the manufacturer. Then there is the technology we use to complete the task.

The bumpers of today’s vehicles include cameras, lasers, and sensors, which are integrated into driver-assist technology. It will take time and money to repair, replace, and connect those features.

Where Can You Get Your Bumper Replaced?

You can repair minor bumper damage by yourself or get assistance from your mechanic or auto body shop. For luxury car brands, such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, or Ferrari, it is best to have your set of wheels serviced at an authorized service center.

Most modern cars have a modern bumper that connects to other car parts like lights, airbags, backup sensors, and cameras. The auto service centers that are authorized will have the experience, tools, and knowledge to properly address these issues.

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Now I’m answering the most common questions that people asked about (Front and Rear Bumper Replacement): FAQ

What is a Car Bumper?

The bumpers of cars are equipped with protruding plastic or metal covers that protect energy-absorbing materials. They are designed to prevent damage from low-speed collisions and to absorb impact from the front and rear impacts.

What causes rear bumper damage?

When you are rear-ended, the bumper is often damaged. There are a variety of severity levels to rear-end collisions. You may only suffer minor scratching on your bumper from minor fender benders.

The bumper and other components of the car could suffer significant damage in an accident where a vehicle travels faster than the speed limit.

Can plastic car bumpers be repaired?

The bumper covers on a vehicle, which are commonly damaged, are typically repaired in plastic. The technician will also be able to achieve a better and more accurate result by preserving the bumper.

Is it illegal to drive with a damaged bumper?

Someone also can be asked, can you drive with a broken bumper? You may need to replace these parts depending on the type of accident you were in, as driving a car with fender damage is illegal. You need to repair broken bumpers, jagged edges, and major damage before you can drive again.

What is the purpose of a rear bumper?

When a vehicle is involved in a low-speed accident, bumpers reduce or prevent physical damage to its front and rear. It is designed to protect the hood, trunk, grille, fuel, exhaust, and cooling system. Steel, aluminum, rubber, or plastic bumpers are shields usually made out of steel, aluminum, or rubber.

Is it safe to drive without a front bumper?

It is an important safety feature of any vehicle. Leaving it off is dangerous. During and after an accident, the driver can suffer a severe injury.

“One Mind” with your Bumper Replacement in 2024

Hopefully, this guide will help you reduce the costs associated with replacing your car’s bumper. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or share any experiences you have with us.

On our resources blog, we also discuss air rides, car alarm installation, side mirrors, fender painting, and seat belts.

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