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Typically, a headlight washer hole covers costs between $10 and $30 each, while a full set costs between $50 and $70. In 2024, on average you have to pay $100 to $200 to replace your car’s headlight cover.

Prices for headlight covers fluctuate based on a number of factors, such as the model and make of your car, or what brand you choose. If you want the OEM parts then you have to lot more than that. Because OEM’s price varies from city to city.

Considering the following estimate for 2024, the replacement costs of a headlight cover are as follows:

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Headlight Cover
How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Headlight Cover

Headlight Cover Replacement Cost

Headlight Cover$100-$200
Washer Hole Cover$10-$30
Full Set Covers$50-$70
Plastic Headlight Cover$20-$150
Professional Cost$50-$100 (per hour)

What are Headlight Covers?

The headlight cover always tries to protect the headlight from external damage. Nowadays the roads are very busy. Headlight bulbs and the whole assembly can get damaged by rock or debris damage when driving and prevent oxidation on your headlight assemblies.

Sometimes, headlight covers are damaged to save the assembly. As a result, it must be replaced. However, most people don’t know the exact cost. The cost of a headlight cover may be on your mind. Breaking down from every angle is the topic of this article.

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Average Professional Cost of Replacing Headlight Cover?

The labor cost or the rate of your mechanics may hurt you. This cost can be changed from town to town. The average cost of labor to replace headlights is around $50 to $100 (per hour).

If mechanics are available in your town then you can finish the job for $50. But if there’s insufficient labor then you may have to pay $100 per hour.

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Average DIY Cost of Headlight Cover Replacement?

If you have done this type of work like printing your rims or replacing your headlight assembly or any kind of repairing work for automobiles then you can do this on your own. It will take 50 to 60 minutes to complete. You just need some basic tools and times. 

It will cut the cost in half and you will only pay for parts. It can also save you valuable time. You don’t need to waste your time finding a technician or to serial in an auto shop.

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Who will choose? Professional or DIY? 

This decision is all yours but we try to give you an overall view that may help you in your decision-making process. If you think the cost of DIY may save you money but it may not satisfy you.

Sometimes the cover doesn’t fit the body properly and changes the overall look of the car. On the other hand, if you choose a professional or auto shop it may cost you a bit.

But the quality is first class and your car’s beauty won’t fade. Then in the auto shop, you need to go through a serial or they will take your car for one day. So this will waste your valuable time.

Our suggestion is that if you don’t have the experience then you should take your car to the nearest auto shop.

Auto Expert Experience

However, if you try to do it by yourself it may take an hour to finish. You may don’t have all the modern tools so when you work with the old ones, it may harm your car’s other parts. But the auto shop has all the tools and they will finish very swiftly.

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How much does it cost to replace plastic headlight covers?

Depending on whether it is done professionally or by the driver using a kit purchased at a local automotive parts store, this process can cost between $20 and $150.

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How do you change a headlight cover?

It’s a simple task. You just perform some steps. Here are the exact steps for changing your vehicle headlight cover:

  • Step 1: You have to unscrew the screw.
  • Step 2: Take out the old one.
  • Step 3: Then put the new one in the exact position.
  • Step 4: Tight the screw properly
  • Step 5: Check carefully that it fits properly and perfectly.

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Why it’s important to replace your headlight cover? 

Various materials are used in the design of headlight covers. They are used to reduce the amount of light that transmits from the bulbs and/or to tint the color or protect the lenses from stone chips, bug splatters, pedestrians, or minor abrasion.

Some countries set a limit for light. If the brightness isn’t enough then you have to pay a fine. If you don’t have enough light then you may fall into an accident. Cracked or broken headlights fade or decrease the brightness. So you should replace them as early as possible.

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Does my insurance pay for maintenance and repairs?

Regular repairs and maintenance aren’t covered by most insurance policies; however, some policies include roadside assistance. In the event of a breakdown, you’ll be towed to a mechanic for repairs.

The importance of comprehensive collision coverage cannot be overstated. Although normal repairs aren’t covered, damage caused by an accident or a natural disaster is.

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Want to save money on your headlight cover in 2024?

You can get some ideas from us. By applying that hope you can save your precious money. You can save money by doing things on your own first and foremost. It will save you a lot of money and time.

You can find the best deal on headlight covers by comparing prices online. There are a number of online retailers that sell original manufacturer headlight covers. In addition, the prices offered are significantly lower than those that you would find at your local dealer.

You can also save money by buying second-hand or aftermarket headlight covers. Online sites provide some good headlight covers that are of good quality.

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What’s the purpose of a headlight cover?

When you drive, your headlights are protected by a headlight cover. Bugs can get into the headlight area of your car while you are driving. You may have trouble in the future as a result of that.

The headlight cover protects against them. Additionally, it keeps our headlights from getting damaged by bad weather. Rain and fog can seriously damage your car, but a cover can protect us.

A small child may throw stones that break your headlight, but the headlight cover will take all the blow and protect your entire headlight assembly.

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Can yellow headlights be restored?

UV light causes acrylic headlights to oxidize. To prevent this, headlight lenses come with a clear topcoat. Over time, however, the coating wears away, and sunlight yellows the thin plastic. You can dim the beam of light from your headlights with this opaque layer.

When a yellow headlight is made of plastic instead of glass, it can be restored. To restore clarity to the headlights, first, remove the failed UV coating and then sandpaper it off.

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Have you ever thought about protecting the headlights in your car?

The best headlight covers will protect your car, SUV, or truck’s headlights from weather elements while dressing them up. As well as protecting against stone chips, minor abrasions, and bug splatters, the right headlight cover also protects against stone scratches.

Different materials are used for aftermarket modifications. In addition to these, there are metallic or self-adhesive vinyl materials. The materials make your headlights appear darker or reduce the amount of light transmitted through them.

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The following are the most frequently asked questions about (Headlight Cover): FAQs

What is the cover of a headlight called?

A lens is generally described as a clear film of plastic covering the top of a headlight. The halo lens will help keep your headlights from accumulating moisture, which can cause hazy vision and impair night vision.

Can headlight covers be replaced?

Lenses are the plastic covers that cover the light bulb and reflector on a vehicle’s headlights. One of the easiest auto repair tasks is to replace the lens on a headlight, which only requires a screwdriver.

Is it illegal to have a broken headlight cover?

Yes. Different region has different law but most of the city doesn’t permit them. You have a primary violation with your defective equipment.

Are headlight covers worth it?

It is certainly not necessary to have a headlight guard. You can remove it if it bothers you. Despite the fact that road debris is more likely to break a headlight, the risk still remains low.

Can I drive with a broken headlight cover?

In most states, it is required to use headlights between sunset and sunrise. Due to this, if your headlight burns out, you might get pulled over (and even more likely). You may have to fine for this.

Will a cracked headlight pass inspection?

It isn’t possible to pass inspection with a cracked headlight or taillight. Even with red adhesive tape, do not tape the light as most states specifically forbid it.

How do you clean headlight covers?

Scrubbing with toothpaste can help restore a slightly foggy set of headlights. To begin with, wash your headlights with Windex or soap and water. Rub a fingertip’s worth of toothpaste onto the wet headlight, then dry with a soft cloth. Toothpaste with baking soda is can do the job perfectly.

Why do headlight covers get cloudy?

Sometimes our headlight lenses look Cloudy and discolored. Ultraviolet light from the sun is responsible for causing this. It attacks the plastic’s surface and leaves it with the appearance of cloudiness, and small pockmarks and marks appear on the surface.

How do you fix a cracked headlight cover?

If the crack is too large, use superglue, such as Loctite Epoxy. After the sealant has dried completely, smooth the area with a second layer of polish. Put on a generous coating of car wax to help protect the area, and buff it until it is shiny.

Will acetone damage plastic headlights?

As an alternative, you can use acetone nail polish remover, but it has other chemicals in it, so you should not use it on lenses with a coating. The method should, however, not be used to clean lenses with coatings, as it will almost certainly damage those coatings as well.

How do you clean plastic headlights?

If your headlights are foggy, use a soft-bristle brush or sponge, wash them with plenty of water and let them dry. You should never clean clear plastic with wax, polish, or chemicals that weren’t designed for it.

“One Mind” with Headlight Cover Replacement 2024

In this guide, we’ve given you tips to reduce the cost of replacing the headlight cover on your car. Any comments or questions you may have are welcome.

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